Yar-Craft Warranty

Yar-Craft Boats extends to the first, original purchaser of a Yar-Craft boat the following warranties provided the boat is a 2012 or newer model sold through an authorized Yar-Craft dealer and said boat has been properly registered with Yar-Craft Boat Company. Yar-Craft warrants that it will repair or replace defects in materials or workmanship that occur within the applicable warranty periods, subject to the “What this warranty does not cover” section. The applicable warranty period runs from the date of delivery to the first original purchaser provided that the boat is delivered within twenty four (24) months from the date of manufacture. All warranties run concurrently. 

Defects in structural parts limited to the laminated hull, stringers and transom: Warranty period runs from the duration of the first original (1st) purchaser’s period of ownership, or ten years. The transferred warranty period to a 2nd purchaser runs ten (10) years from the original delivery date, regardless of when the warranty is transferred. 

Defects in the following factory installed parts, and components will have a warranty period of two (2) years from the first original purchase date, unless otherwise covered by their manufacturer. This warranty may be transferred. 

1. Carpet fading (except from spills or leaks).

2. Steering helm, cylinder, hoses, and cables.

3. Boat electrical system, including switches.

4. Seats and pedestals.

5. Fuel tanks.

6. Deck hardware such as locks, cleats, and fasteners. 

7. Aeration pumps, hoses, and valves.

8. Bilge pumps, hoses, and valves. 

9. Yar-Craft Trailers from EZ Loader carry their own warranty (See EZ Loader Trailer Warranty).

Remaining factory installed parts and components: Warranty period runs one (1) year from the date of delivery to the original retail purchaser. Defects in the exterior cosmetic gelcoat finish (cracking, crazing or fading): Warranty period runs one (1) year from the date of delivery to the original retail purchaser.

Repairs will only be authorized after Yar-Craft Boats is satisfied that there is a defect in material or workmanship.

Coverage remaining under the Warranty period may be transferred by an authorized Yar-Craft dealer, or Yar-Craft, to a 2nd purchaser for a $200 fee. The transfer must occur within five (5) years of the original retail sale. The transfer fee must be paid within 30 days of purchase of the used boat to transfer the warranty. Proof of purchase date required. The purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy is the repair or replacement at Yar-Craft Boats sole option of parts and components covered by this warranty. This Yar-Craft boat, including any alleged defective part, must be returned to an authorized Yar-Craft dealer within the applicable warranty period to obtain warranty service. The Yar-Craft dealer will carry out the warranty procedures on the owner’s behalf. All warranty work will be performed at an authorized dealer, at the Yar-Craft factory, or at another repair facility that Yar-Craft Boats selects. The purchaser is responsible for expenses associated with transporting the boat to and from the repair facility.

An action for breach of warranty shall be barred unless it is commenced within two (2) years from the date the cause of action accrues. An action for breach of any duty or obligation to repair or replace shall be barred unless it is commenced within one (1) year from the date the cause of action accrues, regardless of any time remaining in the warranty period.

This warranty is valid in the United States and does not apply to:

1. Engines, out drive, controls, gauges, fuel senders, propellers, batteries, and/or other equipment or accessories that are not manufactured by Yar-Craft Boats, whether or not they are warranted by other manufacturers (except as noted).

2. External finishes gel coat, stress fractures, decals, rubber, or plastic composites.

3. Carpet and upholstery wear, fraying, or tearing.

4. A boat, or its components, that have been altered or modified, as to adversely affect its operation, performance, or durability.

5. Any damage resulting from an impact with another object.

6. Windshield breakage or leakage around windshield(s), hatches, or other designed openings.

7. Estimated characteristics such as weight, speed, or fuel consumption.

8. A boat, which has been overpowered according to the maximum recommended engine horsepower specified, on the capacity plate, which has been altered by the use of a transom bracket, or jack plate in excess of eight (8) inches, or six (6) bolts.

9. Any boat which has been misused, used in a negligent manner, used for racing, in rental or other commercial uses, used without normal maintenance, operated contrary to any normal intended use as recreations for Yar-Craft Boats, involved in an accident, operated in violation of any Federal, State, Coast Guard, or other governmental agency laws, rules, and regulations.

10. Loss of time, inconvenience, boat payments, retail charges, travel expense, loss of use, haul out, launch, towing, and storage charges, loss or damage to personal property, or other remedies not specifically allowed and are consumer bearance.

11. Dealer preparation, cleaning, final adjustments, and alignments done in preparing the boat for delivery.

12. Damage caused to transom because of loose or not tightened motor bolts.

Remedy under this warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement or defects in materials or workmanship, and does not include incidental or consequential damages, which are specifically disclaimed. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. This document contains the entire warranty given by Yar-Craft Boats, and does not authorize any person or persona, including Yar-Craft dealers, to change the terms of this expressed limited warranty. Yar-Craft reserves the right to change or improve the design or manufacture of Yar-Craft Boats without obligation to modify any boat previously manufactured, and at any time.

Dealers: Before a warranty repair is initiated, an authorization form needs to be completed by the dealer, and faxed or mailed to Yar-Craft for signature, authorization, and review. No warranties will be authorized or approved via e-mail or phone. Faxed or mailed claims and authorizations are the only acceptable procedures. Parts will be provided by Yar-Craft with return policies noted on the triplicate form. Warranty department at Yar-Craft Boats will authorize the repair and then fax or mail authorization back to the dealer. Photos and written explanations for warranty work may be required. These should be submitted along with the warranty claim form to Yar-Craft Boats for pre-approval.

When the warranty repair is completed, a copy of the authorization form and a copy of the parts invoice should be mailed or faxed to Yar-Craft for proper dealer credit. A credit for the total claim amount will be posted to dealer’s account once the copy of the authorized claim form and parts invoice are returned and reviewed. 

Yar-Craft Boats will strive to accommodate all dealers in their warranty endeavors; however, we reserve the right to adjust labor hours if in our opinion claimed labor appears excessive. The dealer will be advised of any adjustments.

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