At Yar-Craft Boats, our employees take great pride in building every single boat that travels through the plant. They know that an owner’s dream is being crafted with every step of the build process. Our construction techniques are not only innovative, they are revolutionary. The Pierce family is not the new kid on the block when it comes to building premium fiberglass fishing boats. We’ve been leading the pack since 1971!

It all starts with a painstaking hull prep and gel coat application. Specific pressures with our premium gel coat produces the deep finish and clean lines our customers have come to expect.

Our lamination schedule, evolved over time, sets a foundation of strength unmatched in the fishing boat industry. A large portion of our team has decades of experience behind them, and it truly shows over the lifespan of our boats. The premium resin that binds our assemblies creates a true one-piece hull and structural integrity that is unmatched.

From the UNITE stringers of our 209TFX and 186TFX, to the one-piece assembly in the 219TFX and 2095 BTX, you can count on the Yar-Craft backbone to withstand season after season on big water. These hulls distribute engine and wave energy for unparalleled performance and durability.

As a Yar-Craft passes through the final stages of production, you can count on our rigging and finishing department to ensure every quality control measure is upheld. The end result will be a direct reflection of your dreams as your boat is brought to life. This is our commitment to you.

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