Mountain Home, AR (8.31.21) – All eyes were on Captain Randy Gaines as he harnessed his vast trolling wisdom to overcome a stubborn Lake McConaughy last week. The entire Head2Head field was greeted with multiple cold fronts, flash flooding and heavy winds that put the local walleye population into their usual pre-tournament funk.

Randy was quick to identify the negative mood of the fish and went into his bag of tricks that deliver consistent results on his home body of water, Lake Erie. This is where the Ohio resident operates Nibble This Charters, as well as where he has been able to fine-tune his trolling programs over the past 25 years. A popular trolling method on Lake Erie utilizes weighted wire line to deliver various baits to depths they could never attain without assistance. Gaines stuck with Salmo Hornets on his wire line program to persuade several large walleyes into getting their weight recorded before releasing them back to the sandy depths. The end result? Another notch in Randy’s trophy cabinet.

“My head is still reeling from my recent Head2Head win at Lake McConaughy in Ogallala NE”, expressed Gaines. He went on to elaborate on how instrumental his Yar-Craft is to his trolling success. “As I reflect over the event it has become ever apparent that my 219TFX Yar-Craft played an integral part in my victory. At times the wave conditions would cause most boats to be restricted to only trolling one direction. The unique design of my 219TFX’s performance hull allowed me to precisely troll any course I plotted, with the waves, against, or any combination of quartering, my boat simply ignored the conditions and stayed on a laser-straight course.”

Bass Cat & Yar-Craft President, Rick Pierce, watched Randy inch closer towards the finish line all week and applauds him for his well-earned victory. “We are all very proud of Randy, not only for his win last week, but also his dedication to Yar-Craft and his natural ability to put his passion for fishing on display which is an inspiration to so many people.”

If you’re interested in improving your trolling game, or just fishing knowledge in general, look no further than a trip with Nibble This Charters and Captain Randy Gaines. You will not be disappointed!

About Yar-Craft: Celebrating over 50 years of excellence in the marine industry, Yar-Craft (owned by Correct Craft) is the premier walleye fishing boat in the world, known for excellent craftsmanship and customer service. For more information visit www.yarcraft.com.

About Bass Cat: Bass Cat, owned by Correct Craft, manufactures the industry’s premier bass fishing boats from its headquarters in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Celebrating 50 years of Family operation since its founding in 1971, Bass Cat is the longest continuously operating tournament bass boat company in the United States. For more information visit www.basscat.com.

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 96 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. Focused on “Making Life Better,” the Correct Craft family includes Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk, and Parker boat companies, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, Watershed Innovation and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit www.correctcraft.com.

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