Online Warranty Transfer Form – Private Party Sale

  • There is a $200 Warranty Transfer/Quest Membership Fee on all used boats. This Fee is for you, and, this specific Yar-Craft Boats serial number. The intent is to make this fee a one time charge for as long as you are the registered owner of this boat. This could be subject to change based on future funding requirements of Quest and exposure limitations of Yar-Craft Boats. Should you purchase a newer/different Yar-Craft Boat all Quest guidelines will apply once again, as your membership is NOT transferable to another unit. Note: There is no added cost to Original Owners of a 2012 model year product and later. It is not necessary to submit this form if you are the original owner of a new Yar-Craft. We Sincerely Wish you Good Fishin' ... and hopefully you can "cash in" on our Quest Program as our way of saying "Thank You" for purchasing your Yar-Craft. We Must Have Your Registration at Least 30 Days Prior to Your Entered Quest Tournament. $200.00 Check or Money Order (Make Checks Payable To: Yar-Craft Boats)
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