Yar-Craft Performance

Controlled agility while fishing and while on plane. This is the best way to summarize the feeling of being aboard a Yar-Craft Boat. In fact, the Yar-Craft name was born of the word Yare, which means, “To respond promptly to the helm, easily manageable.

The Yar-Craft Ride

The signature performance of a Yar-Craft has earned the reputation as a top competitor throughout North America. Every model has the ability to generate significant lift throughout the power curve allowing the hulls to pick their way though the most unforgiving chop. They respond immediately to subtle trim and tabbing adjustments which helps the pronounced keel to provide a pillow-like entry all Yar-Craft owners appreciate.

The Yar-Craft Fishing Experience

All Yar-Craft hulls maintain their agility at rest allowing anglers to precisely trace contours, manipulate controlled drifts and tack current seams with ease. Open water trollers will appreciate how subtle rudder adjustments expands trolling directions even when faced with gusty winds and choppy seas.

The level of control aboard our 2095 BTX takes precision boat maneuvers to an entirely different level with its solid tracking in both forward and reverse. The tight turning radius in reverse allows seasoned back-trollers to work over every bolder on their favorite reefs.

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